About Shamsy


Shamsy Roomiani is a native Texas printmaker and illustrator who is inspired by the natural world. She received a Fine Arts degree in Printmaking and a BA in Marketing from The University of North Texas. The great outdoors is where she predominately draws her inspiration. No matter where she travels, her immediate inclinations is to collect and catalog. She is intrigued with the cataloging process, from the methods to the materials used in order to preserve and study. To Shamsy, art is all about seeing and experiencing, then internally processing to translate into a final piece. It is gratifying to make something with her own hands and to be able to control the whole process. The transformation of raw materials into a final piece is the most rewarding feeling. She enjoys experimenting with different printing techniques to interpret and capture the wonder and detail in each specimen. A tiny insignificant subject that is studied, then artistically rendered can suddenly seize the viewer’s attention and can be looked at in a different light.

In addition to being a maker, Shamsy teaches workshops in DFW and hosts plant, print, and paper events for companies such as Neiman Marcus, Fossil, West Elm and NorthPark Center. Her fine art, stationery line, and handmade goods are sold locally and online at

Follow @shamsy on Instagram for more behind the scenes and upcoming workshops. Feel free to check out the workshop page for pictures of past events! If you would like to book an event, please contact me at for more info.

Companies I have worked with include:

Nasher Sculpture Center

NorthPark Center

Whole Foods Market


Neiman Marcus

West Elm 


Mockingbird Station


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